About Carrie S. Freed

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Carrie S. Freed, founder of Live and Learn Inc, is an accomplished health care provider and personal coach. Early in her professional career, Carrie identified that traditional medicine failed to completely address a person's mind, body and spirit and investigated alternative education to incorporate the void that many of her clients needed fulfilled.


After intense research, Carrie identified that the Feldenkrais Method®, combined with tradition healthcare and coaching, offered her clients the best solution and she began the four year education process to become a certified practitioner.


In 1993, Carrie embarked her career as a licensed Occupational Therapist after completion of a masters degree program from Washington University. Working in major medical institutions such as Cornell Medical and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, Carrie progressed her career and education from a staff therapist to a director of a rehabilitation department. She became a well known expert in the field of traumatic brain injury, stroke and neurological development therapy and worked on high profile patients restoring bodily functions that many doctors felt would never be possible. She became a resource and example for others.


During the peak of her career, Carrie incurred a major injury during a routine surgery leaving her with what many felt would be a permanent neurological injury with chronic pain. After a variety of therapies failed, another clinician introduced her to the Feldenkrais Method. This was 10 years ago, and Carrie has been connected to the Feldenkrais Method ever since both as a client who has benefited tremendously from the work and then becoming a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.


During this time Carrie was also receiving personal and professional coaching services to help her find her new path. And within this time, Carrie also studied and became a Certified Coach through the IAC.


Live and Learn was established to promote faster healing and recovery so individuals may return to work or their daily life routine faster than traditional methods. Through a combination of professional coaching, traditional and alternative medicine, individuals can pursue their personal health or professional goals no matter what the issues are with proven techniques.


These techniques are utilized for any age starting with newborns to advanced age adults. The results continue to surprise her as well as her clients, their families and their caregivers.